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A modern government payment solution for everyone.

Promise goes beyond payment processing to provide the most comprehensive payments platform for utilities and government agencies. With unmatched flexibility, customer engagement and automated affordability programs, we deliver increased revenue by making it easier to pay.

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Key features

Multi-Channel Payment Acceptance

Promise understands that each customer is unique with their own preferences and habits for payments. Online, on the phone, or in person, Promise provides the safe, secure options that customers are most comfortable with.

Convenient Payment Types

Promise believes accessibility is one of the cornerstones to payments success. We reduce payment friction by offering users a broad range of both traditional and alternative methods of bill pay.

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Payment Flexibility and Account Management

Promise allows customers to manage their payments and budget their bills in real time. From swapping their payment method to changing their payment schedule, customers can instantly update their preferences to make sure their payment success is uninterrupted.

Industries We Serve

Promise partners with all types of local governments and utilities to provide simple, secure payment and affordability solutions.

PromisePay for Utilities

We help utilities increase payment success through convenient payment options, flexible payment plans and automated affordability programs.

PromisePay for Taxes and Fees

We make payments simple by offering a holistic approach to accounting, compliance, and processing.

PromisePay for Child Support

We partner with government departments to facilitate payment agreements that lead to better outcomes for parents and government.

During the pandemic we have seen more and more of our customers struggling to pay their water bills. Now more than ever we need an easy way to get our customers into payment plans. PromisePay provides a seamless solution that gets more of our customers enrolled and brings revenue into our utility.

Tony Parrott
CEO at Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District

Promise has been great to work with.

The data analytics the program produces has been invaluable in helping us develop case plans for individuals so we can have the greatest chances of successful outcomes.

Sgt. Chad Violet
Community Supervision Unit
 Cass County Sheriff’s Office

It was just easy. No hassle and no outrageous fees. I got a reminder each month before my payment was due.

If I had any questions, the PromisePay team was always there to support me.

Rebeccah Turner-Blair
PromisePay client

Instead of spending hours chasing down clients, PromisePay has allowed us to automate the labor intensive process of dunning.

Samantha Klein
Director of Administration 
Marin County Probation Department

I felt a big relief knowing I could pay my tickets off over time. I am a working mom and often have to choose which bills to prioritize.

PromisePay allowed me to get my car registered and still keep food on the table. It was a true lifesaver.

Bria Wilson
PromisePay client

Promise brings new innovative ideas supported by data.

Chief Wendy Still
Alameda County Probation Department

I was just so happy to find a program that actually cares about people. The PromisePay team was great 
to work with.

Kendra James
PromisePay client

This organization is a miracle. Seriously.

Windy Brown
PromisePay client
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